Ignite Flooring Remodeling Team will bring your all your floors into the 21st Century!

Hardwood Flooring Services

Whether you are looking a flooring variety for your business, your home or an exterior area, we guarantee you a high quality wood flooring, have a wide range of several wood floor materials for you to choose and best of all, we match every style and budget.

Our quality of hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood ensures durability, permanent color and long lasting floors.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vynil tile is also great for heavy foot traffic areas, is less expensive than other flooring options, easy to install, foot comfort and the best of all reduces noise. Our recent luxury vinyl tiles have been engineered for long-lasting performance.

Laminate Floor Service

Enjoy the benefits of wood without the tear and wear, our laminates looks just like wood, tile or stone as well it is scratch resistant and water resistant. Do have areas where there is a lot of traffic, mobility even with pets etc.? Laminate is perfect for this areas has incredible durability, even noise resistant.

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